What is the value of a graduate degree?

When considering the value of graduate degrees in the US, it is obvious that any opinion is subjective and largely dependent on why you chose the degree in the first place. However this article is still worth a read even if it is merely for the attainment of a little satisfaction for those who chose wisely.

Why I Tell My MBA Students to Join the Gig Economy

Doing great work no longer requires having a full-time job. When the students in the MBA course I teach on the gig economy ask me for the best thing they can do to prepare for their future careers, I tell them: “Stop looking for a job.”

How to choose a career path and find resources in the Dental industry

As part of our career path articles, we are pleased to share a link to an article kindly shared by one of our readers. This is a link to a dental industry career map that we believe is a great addition to anyone wanting to understand what it's like to work as a dentist or in the dental industry.

Where to find University of Cambridge Scholarships

The University of Cambridge in the UK offers a range of scholarships in support of their outreach work to build a more inclusive student community. These scholarships provide financial support to specific groups of UK students who are currently under-represented within higher education.