How to create an affiliate income brand in six easy steps

  1. Search for a digital brand/domain name, i.e. one that represents your preferred niche, to find out what’s available. We suggest using Lean Domain Search, because it provides information about social media account availability as well. Note the name down; you will need it in the next step.
  2. Register your name on a web hosting service like w3workplace, which allows you to register a domain name for free (domain name is your digital brand from step 1 above). The plans are inexpensive, starting from $3 a month.
  3. Create social media accounts in the brand name e.g. Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.
  4. Register with the Amazon affiliate program, make sure you choose the right locale from the drop down box (top right)
  5. Do the same with Google adsense program,
  6. Create your webportal on w3workplace, use the one click wordpress facility to create your website, install the wordpress amazon plugin and google adsense plugins then share links to your hosted domain on your social media accounts.

That’s it youre done! You may now search for stuff to advertise..