How to find your niche and what to do when you find it

What’s a niche?

First of all we need to define what we mean by niche, and the best definition we’ve found so far is this. Your niche in life or employment is your ideal optimum sustainable, profitable position situated within the scope of your preferred activity.

What this indicates is that the right niche should be ideally suited to your skills, value driven as well as profitable and sustainable.

How to find your niche

Finding the right niche in life is all about identifying a unique perspective related to what you are able to offer. It involves identifying a specific activity or way of doing things that you can utilize and one which sets you apart from the crowd and allows you to achieve your goals.

You can do this by first assessing yourself and identifying your interests. However you intend to proceed, knowing your interests and sticking to what you are interested in. This is a crucial step because if you want to be able to create content or provide services in a particular niche, being able to immerse yourself in its various portions will always be an advantage.

What to do when you find what you’d like to do

Once you identify a niche, one of the best ways to proceed is to identify problems you can solve within your chosen area. Focus on helping individuals or those with limited resources and those more likely to search for help online.

Experiment, and test by searching and noting how much interest is in the area you choose, if possible, gather feedback. It might seem counterintuitive but I recommend you forget about making money at the beginning and focus instead on how much value you can add. Look at competitors, see what’s missing from what they are offering, try and imagine how you can fill the gaps.

Finally, once you find out what it is you can do within the parameters above, the next step is to take action, make a decison, start and continue until you succeed.

Extract taken from the article ‘A few words on success’ by Jon Blacklake