If you don’t know where you are then how can you tell where you are going?

Use Skills Direction, to determine where you are and where you’re going.

Do you know where you are?

Most  people wake up go to work, earn some kind of living then rinse and repeat. Eventually they get past midlife then start wondering where their life went. This is the tragedy of the way most lives are being lived today.

Very few people stop and try to get their bearings before its too late. At Skills direction, our primary objective is to help you break out of the cycle of unplanned living and use your skills to achieve some measure of control over the direction of your life.

The way we do this is by encouraging our readers to carry out a skills audit to find out where you currently are in relation to the vital skills for success and to help you determine what your skill levels should be in order to redirect your life in a way that matches your expectations.

Do you know where you going?

Once you have an idea where you are skillswise, it then becomes easier for you to decide where you want to go. Set a goal, carry out a career audit for planned career updates  and to use knowledge acquisition to help you determine where you should strengthen, and to plan your development accordingly.

We recommend regular assessments to ensure you are aware of the value of your current skills, because your interests may change over time and your skills may need to be updated.