Less than half of tuition fees spent on teaching in the UK

University students need more open information about fees – and MPs warn of poor value on loan sales.


Less than half of the tuition fee paid by students in England can be spent on the cost of teaching, says research from a university think tank.

The Higher Education Policy Institute says the rest is spent on buildings, IT and libraries, administration, or welfare such as mental health support.

It comes as a review is scrutinizing the cost of student fees and loans.

A separate public spending watchdog report warns that the sale of student loans is providing poor value.

The Public Accounts Committee says that student loans with a face value of £3.5bn were sold last year to private investors for £1.7bn – with MPs unconvinced this was a good deal for taxpayers.

The review of post-18 education funding, commissioned by the prime minister, is examining how to redesign university fees and student loans.

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Source: Half of tuition fees spent on teaching

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