Mid life career changes – Web content writing

If you’ve lost your job and you’re broke and unemployed sitting at home with loads of corporate experience. Why not consider using what you already know, to create an income stream?

Granted, you actually have to do some work, but I’m betting that working hard is not a problem for you and finding work has been by far the more challenging problem on your plate.

So why not give writing a try? With this option, it is possible to make up to $100 a week writing short articles on subjects you already know about, based on the years you spent working in your industry.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, earning money requires a high level of commitment and hard work and during the beginning of a new career, you could easily end up working 12+ hours day, but the rewards are continuous and consistent lasting much longer than a normal 9-5 career because you’re essentially selling your intellectual property and once your work is done, it is done and your revenue continues long after.

Once you get the hang of it you can create a style template from the work you have sold and instead of selling one article a week you could sell a lot more. Why not give writing  a try today, what do you have to lose? You could even write posts for us and get paid.

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