The best paying jobs in consumer services – USA

The consumer service industry has continued to grow over the years and offers many career opportunities at different levels. There are job options for those considering a career move into customer service and positions are available in almost every industry.

The term, consumer services refers to the provision of support by a seller or the provider of a product or service accords to the consumer or customer and employers for these services include businesses like, call centers, brick-and-mortar and online retailers, credit card companies and agencies, insurance companies, and financial institutions.

Top 10 Customer Service Jobs and average salaries (according to the US Bureau of Labour statistics)

  1. Call Center Agent – Salary: The median annual salary for a call center agent is $27,664.5
  2. Client Relations Associate – Salary: The average annual salary for a client relations associate is $48,305.6
  3. Client Services Coordinator – Salary: The average annual salary for a client services coordinator is $44,040
  4. Concierge – Salary: The average annual salary for a concierge is $34,023.8
  5. Customer Service Representative – Salary: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a customer service representative is $35,830.2
  6. Receptionist – Salary: A receptionist earns a median annual salary of $31,110,
  7. Member Services Specialist – Salary: Base pay for a member service specialist averages $35,185 per year.
  8. Patient Care Coordinator – Salary: A patient care coordinator earn an average annual salary of $43,120
  9. Social Media Customer Care Associate – Salary:  The average annual salary for a social media customer care associate is $34,482.12
  10. Technical Support Representative – Salary: The average annual salary of a technical support representative is $35,027.13