The value of knowledge

Understanding the value of knowledge

Knowledge is a clearly valuable tool for securing success in practical life, or at least in making success more likely. Without knowledge practical achievment of any kind is at best achieved in a random unrepeatable fashion.

Benjamin Franklin once said “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” How very true that is. investing in your capacity for understanding is vital for the achievement of success in any field. With knowledge as a foundation for our actions, our ability to function intelligently becomes smoother and more efficient.

Knowledge as a tool for success

Overall, with the power of knowledge we are able to solve problems more easily and much quicker. Usable knowledge is what drives sustainable achievement of goals. The following quote also suggests that universal intelligence supports the use of knowledge in separating man from his ignorance. “Choose knowledge, if thou desirest a blessing from the Universal Provider; for the ignorant man cannot raise himself above the earth, and it is by knowledge that thou must render thy soul praiseworthy.” – Firdausī